M390 Replacable Awl
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    Handle B
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    French Awl Blade 1.8 mm
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    Diamond Awl Blade 2.5 mm
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M390 Replacable Awl

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This replaceable blade is designed with a strong emphasis on sharpness, beauty, and high functionality.

Precision Craftsmanship:
Our skilled craftsmen meticulously craft each knife with a focus on high precision. The blade is made from Austria's BÖHLER M390 MICROCLEAN steel, the finest 3rd generation powdered high-speed steel. M390 is a commonly used powdered high-speed steel in knife-making, including among the skilled bladesmiths of Echizen. It is a Martensitic stainless steel known for its excellent toughness and corrosion resistance. Although it may require a bit of effort to sharpen due to its exceptional wear resistance, once sharpened, it maintains its edge for an extended period. Our craftsmen handwork each blade, ensuring it exhibits outstanding sharpness right from the start. If you ever feel the sharpness diminishes, a quick touch-up with a sharpening rod will easily restore it.

Handle Options:
You have two handle options to choose from:

A) Cocobolo Handle:
The Cocobolo handle boasts a high oil content, resulting in an increased glossy appearance with use. It offers exceptional resistance to decay and is crafted from a rare material known for its durability.

B) Stabilized Maple Burl Handle:
The Stabilized Maple Burl handle is created using a process called “stabilized wood,” which involves vacuum impregnation of resin deep into the wood, resulting in uniform hardening and stabilization. It is virtually unaffected by humidity, a common weakness of wood, and the colored resin penetrates the wood's interior, preventing color chipping unlike paint. The handle exhibits a unique and attractive pattern, combining natural wood grains with vivid colors.

The replacement blades and handles are sold separately.
As natural wood is used for the handles, please be aware that each piece may have slight difference in color and pattern.

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Handle Material

Handle A: Cocobolo
Handle B: Stabilized Maple Burl

Blade Width

1.8 mm・2.5 mm

Blade Length

French Awl Blade 1.8 mm: 20 mm
Diamond Awl Blade 2.5 mm: 25 mm

Fixed Section Length

20 mm

Handle Length (Including Fixed Section)

84 mm

Handle Diameter

30 mm

Handle Thickness

20 mm

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Spalted maple burl, M390 MICROCLEAN Steel, Brass, Cocobolo


Handle A, Handle B, French Awl Blade 1.8 mm, Diamond Awl Blade 2.5 mm