Premium Hot Stamp Type Set
  • THS10001-b4
  • THS10002-d4r
    New Type Holder (two rows)
  • THS10002-d5
    New Type Holder (two rows)
  • THS10002-d1r
    New Type Holder (two rows)
  • THS10002-d2r
    New Type Holder (two rows)
  • THS10001-6
    Old Type Holder
  • THS10001-7
    Old Type Holder
  • THS10001-b1
  • THS10001-b2
  • THS10001-b5
  • THS10001-b3

Premium Hot Stamp Type Set

$ 415.80$ 457.38

Type Set:
Premium Brass Type set made with CNC
Made of Solid Brass
Best thermal conductivity for hot stamping

New Typeholder:
– 2 Lines Supported
– Automatic center alignment
– with M5 screw hole that can connect with electric creaser
– Kingsley hot stamping machine (M60)supported

Old Typeholder:
– with M5 screw hole that can connect with electric creaser
– open fire use supported

Wood Box:
– Black Walnut
– Solid brass parts

Type Set Includes:
– Uppercase A-Z:3 pieces each
– Lowercase a-z:5 pieces each ( a e i o u : 6 pieces each)
– Number 0-9:5 pieces each
– Symbols:21~28 pieces
– Small Space:8 pieces
– Large Space:8 pieces
– Total:300~308 pieces

Price for Type Set ONLY. Type Holder and Wood Box can be added from additional option below

※ Symbols may be different from different fonts

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Type Height(Uppercase A)

3.6 mm (14pt)

Type Height(Lowercase a)

2.4 mm (14pt)

Type Height

14.3 mm

Wood Box Size

22 x 14 x 4.5 cm


1450 g



Brass, Black walnut


American Typewriter, Aqua Grotesque, Bookman Old Style, Cicle Fina, Cloister Black, Commercial Script, Futura Medium Italic, Helvetica, Linux Libertine Italic, Optima, Plantin, Tw Cen MT Condensed, Custom-made